8 Water Sports You Have To Try

Whether you love the lake, the ocean or the river these eight water sports will give you something new to try and love!  Brought to us by www.active.com, these water sports off a challenging and new way to explore the water.

  1. Scuba Diving : Scuba Diving offers amazing scenery and the chance to learn more about life underwater
  2. Surfing : Surfing can be a great workout and an excellent way to clear your mind
  3. Whitewater Rafting : If you love the thrill, or even the calm, then whitewater rafting could be for you
  4. Whitewater Kayaking : Kayaking helps with balance, strength and the rapids give it some thrill as well
  5. Wakeboarding : If you love more extreme sports then this is the water sport for you
  6. Kiteboarding : An adrenaline rush with an aerobic touch
  7. Swim Fitness : Swimming to stay fit is rewarding and also helps to stay healthy
  8. Sailing : Learn to sail can be both relaxing and a great hobby

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