Bad Running Habits (And How to Avoid Them)

If you love to run, then you know that it is a sport that is definitely half mental and half physical.  That being said, there are some major bad habits involved with running that can cause you to quit without reaching your full potential.  Leave it to to give us the top 10 worst running habits, and how to quit them!


  1. Biting Off More Than You Can Chew…Basically this means trying to run too far too soon.  If you are not a trained and experienced runner, then trying to immediately go from couch potato to marathon runner is going to hurt your body and cause you to despise running.
  2. Improper Nutrition…Running is an intense sport that takes a lot out of your body.  If you don’t replenish it with good nutrients and protein, then you won’t have the strength or energy to go on that next run.
  3. Not Applying Sunscreen…If you are running outside, especially in sunnier places, then you already know the damage that forgetting to use sunscreen can do to your body.  A sunburn can put you out of a workout for at least a few days as you recuperate.
  4. Forgetting Your Abs…The abdomen is an essential part of running, whether you feel it or not.  Forgetting to exercise your core on a regular basis will definitely show when trying to run and maintain stamina.
  5. Starting At Full Speed…If you’ve ever heard the age-old sentiment of “save your energy” then you know this definitely applies to running.  Starting a race at full speed will undoubtedly wear down your energy and leave you breathless and unable to run your best.
  6. Most of Us Aren’t Doctors…If you happen to feel muscle pain after or during a run, don’t talk it lightly.  Make sure that if there is consistent pain that you actually visit a real doctor instead of insisting to yourself that you know what the problem is, this way you can avoid a real injury.
  7. Forgetting to Stretch…Forgetting to stretch before a run can actually be extremely detrimental to your health.  This is a great way to strain and pull tight muscles that didn’t receive a proper stretch before being exercised.
  8. Not Enough Shut-Eye…Sleep is a key part of your health and trying to exercise, especially running, without proper sleep is like trying to get your car to go full speed with barely any gas.
  9. Never Resting…Knowing when to rest your body and your muscles can be a challenge, especially for avid runners.  Proper rest is essential for your body to be able to perform at it’s best, and not taking a day or two off when running is asking for an injury.
  10. Taking on Too Much…If you are just starting out, or even if you are a seasoned runner, you should always focus on an attainable goal.  Giving yourself a goal that is manageable and also achievable gives you something to work towards without feeling overwhelmed.

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