How to Keep Cycling After Fatherhood

Becoming a parent undoubtedly changes every aspect of your life, and can cause you to stop doing things you love simply because you are too busy focusing on the new responsibility that has come into your life.  According to there are a few things you can do to keep cycling after having kids.


  1. Setup An Indoor Stationary Bike: Being able to jump on the bike when time allows is a great way to keep up with the sport you love
  2. Participate in Structured Training: Stick to a training program that puts goals in place to keep you working towards something with your cycling, this way you are held accountable
  3. Make the Most of your Commute: If you happen to live a short distance from your place of work, ride your bike!  This is an excellent way to keep up with your favorite activity
  4. Work from Home, If Possible : Working from home, which many companies now allow at least one day per week, allows you to stay on your bike and give you that extra “me time” without kids
  5. Stay Disciplined : This means watching what you eat, keeping hydrated, and working out when you can to stay in shape

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