10 Reasons To Go Camping

10 Reasons To Go Camping

Have you ever tried sleeping under the stars or cooking over an open fire? Camping is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities to do with your loved ones. In this article, we will talk about the reasons why you need to go camping. Check out our ten reasons below:

Camping Doesn’t Have To Be Super Expensive

Camping is not free, but it isn’t expensive. Once you get hold of the camping gear you need, you’re good to go. Sometimes you may need to pay a minimum campground fee or nature preservation fee, but other than that you don’t have hotel fees, you make your own food, and enjoy Mother Nature at no cost.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Camping is done outside with all the beauty of nature.  The trees, the bushes, natural water sources or whatever happens to be around your preferred site. You can enjoy the fresh air, the sounds of the outdoors and everything that comes with just being outside away from man-made structures and pollutants.

When trees surround you, it gives off high-capacity oxygen that cannot be replicated by machines or air conditioning devices. Increased oxygen levels promotes good circulation, maintains healthy blood pressure and boosts your immune system.

Get Some Exercise

A camping trip requires physical activity, there’s just no way around it.  Whether it be hiking, setting up shelter/tents, boating activities, or whatever your preference you are sure to engage in some type of exercise.  Hiking alone burns about 120 to 300 calories per hour and helps to maintain a healthy body.  The benefits of camping just keep on coming!

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Camping allows plenty of restful sleep. It can help you fix your body’s circadian rhythm through the natural light sources in your surroundings. Unlike the incandescent light and other artificial light at home, which can add to insomnia and disturbed sleep pattern, the natural light is beneficial to your body.

The yellow light from nature stimulates an increased production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for a good night’s sleep. With the light source around you, you will fall asleep and wake up naturally.

Building Strong Bonds

Camping is more fun when you do it with friends or family members than doing it by yourself. You don’t want to go camping alone in the forest because this might be a little dangerous for you.  Bringing someone camping with you will make the activity worthwhile.

You can talk with your siblings, parents or friends while eating cooked food that you prepared over your camping fire.  While out camping, there are fewer distractions such as the internet or electronics.  You can bring your smartphone and use it for emergencies, but I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy more moments with your loved ones than with your gadgets.

A Nice Getaway

Camping is a getaway from your busy schedule at home and work. You can free yourself from the hectic environment that you’re used to every time you go to your office, or manage a busy schedule.  Also, you can put your phone on silent mode for one whole day if you plan to go camping overnight.  Just relax and have fun with nature and your loved ones. Moreover, when you go camping at least once a week, you can get a better perspective of things, and you’ll come back to work refreshed and more motivated.

Have Freedom

If you don’t like planning vacations that have to adhere to schedules when enjoying outdoors, camping is your best option. You can choose any location, and you have the freedom to come and go as you please.

When camping, you can also lay back in your tent and relax or take a rigorous hike or kayak or boating adventure, it’s the best of both worlds. You can also go hiking and look for springs of water whenever you like.  The options are limitless.


If you feel bad, leaving your dogs or cats behind every time you go on vacation, then camping is a great option for you and your pet. Campsites are typically pet-friendly. You can bring your dogs or cats anytime you like. It’s always better to go on vacation if your family is complete and of course, that includes your dogs or cats!

Your pet will surely love to roam around the campsite! Just make sure to keep the campground clean and free of waste when you bring your pets.

Less Stress

Camping improves mood and makes you feel better. Being outdoors and going on camping will remove you from the stressors you have at work and home. Camping is an excellent way to relieve stress, just by appreciating nature or sitting in from of the campfire, you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable that you will forget every problem you have.

Enjoy Fresh and Healthy Food

When you go camping, you have the luxury to enjoy the nature around you as well as utilize them to your benefits. You can try looking for healthy herbs and add them to your food. The freshest ingredients are at the tip of your fingers when you’re out camping!

Also, you can enjoy cooking your own food over the campfire that you made. You can grill some meat, potatoes or tomatoes and enjoy eating with your loved ones.

Fights Depression and Helps Improve Mood 

When you go camping, and nature surrounds you, your mood will improve almost instantly.  Sunlight directly increases Vitamin D levels in your body and helps to improve your mood.  Being one with nature increases serotonin level, the hormone responsible for making you happy.

Many things that cause delight and comfort trigger your mind and body. The fresh air, the people around you, the beauty of nature, and the fresh food contribute to your overall wellbeing.

These are the ten reasons why you need to go camping. If you want to experience an unforgettable and fulfilling outdoor activity, pack your camping gears and look for the nearest campsite in your area. Enjoy camping!

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