Top Retirement Travel Destinations

If you’re looking for the best retirement travel destinations, then you’ve come to the right page. In this article, we will discuss the top three destinations to visit after you retire.

There are many ways for you to enjoy your retirement, you could buy a piece of land on a tropical island or live in the countryside with a scenic view or travel around the world. Yes, you read it right! Travel around the world! Age shouldn’t be a hindrance or reason for you not to explore after retirement. You can visit many places even in your senior years. In fact, some sites offer tour packages at a discount for senior citizens. You can start packing your bags as we list the most senior citizen friendly places you can visit that not only you can enjoy but also your family. Check out our list of best retirement travel destinations below.


Chilly Yet Wonderful Iceland

Age shouldn’t stop you from seeing the Northern Lights! There are many places in the Northern Hemisphere that you can choose to visit the magnificent visuals that the Aurora Borealis has to offer. Iceland is just one of the places that you and your family can visit to see the Northern Lights.

Iceland has more to offer than a scenic view of Aurora Borealis as it is known for its out of this world landscape but also for its marvelous water spa, geysers, and glaciers.  If you choose to visit Iceland, one of the tope sites to see is the world famous Blue Lagoon.  Blue Lagoon  offers natural spa amenities including saunas, mud masks, wraps and more. Experience the majestic Gull Foss and the melting glaciers. If you plan to visit Iceland don’t forget to bring thick clothes to keep warm during the cold temperatures. You can try our grandma and grandpa hoodies, which you can for warm layering during cold seasons in Iceland.


The Ancient and Modern Japan

If seeing out of this world scenic view is not your cup of tea, then why not travel to an exotic land in the east? Why not visit Japan? A land where past and the future collides! Japan is one of the best places to visit for senior citizens. From their beautiful temples and sacred mountains, Japan offers a senior citizen friendly environment. Their massive railway networks are convenient ways for traveling the country. Most Japanese food is healthy because Japanese people think that food should be appropriately balanced for the body to stay fit.

Visiting Japan with your family is a great choice because theme parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios in this country are enormous that kids and young at heart will enjoy. For the family member who loves history or just wants to relax, Japan has thousands of shrines and museums that you can visit. Japan is also famous for its Onsen or hot spring bath that can ease joint pain and makes you relax during your trip.


The Beautiful and Splendid Switzerland

If Iceland and Japan is not part of your bucket list, maybe you should try the top ranking country for a senior citizen. This landlocked country is famous for its fresh air and scenic Mountain View. It is also considered the safest country in the world. The third on our list of best retirement travel destinations is Switzerland! This country is famous for taking care of its aging population so staying on vacation in the country means you don’t have to worry about your security.

Switzerland like Japan is rich with historical places. One of these ancient sites is the two-hour train ride from its capital Geneva, the Chillon Castle. The old town of Zurich is also an eye candy for history buff grandpa and grandma. Finally, like Iceland, Switzerland is full of scenic view that will take your breath away.


Remember age is not a reason for you to just to stay at home! You can enjoy your retirement with your family while traveling the world. Being able to see other places and experiencing different cultures will not only help you relax but also makes you younger! So pack your bags with your family and start your very own adventure to conquer the world!

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