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Scuba Snorkel Mask with GoPro Camera Capabilities


If snorkeling is uncomfortable for you and you hate breathing through a tube in your mouth, then check out our brand new innovative snorkeling mask!  Our mask enables you to SEE and BREATHE under water easily and without discomfort.  Thanks to its large size, this mask also offers and an unobstructed 180 degree field of vision!  Our mask prevents fogging using the double air flow system and ensures that water does not enter via the snorkel.

  • Easy Breathe: This full face snorkel mask makes breathing underwater easy
  • Anti-fogging: this full face swimming mask has different chambers to prevent breathe fog from messing up vision field
  • Seaview 180: this full face snorkeling mask has wide and clear window with 180 degrees of vision field to allow you to have a clear panoramic view.
  • Elastic fabric strap: this full face snorkel mask has adjustable and comfortable elastic fabric strap, easily pull on face, won’t pull hair
  • Go-Pro camera not included, however mask is equipped to fit with Go-Pro
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